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Roof Repair for Houses and Businesses.

Free Inspection For Site

Let our building maintenance professionals perform an evaluation of your property at no cost to you. We'll schedule the visit with you, appear on time, discuss the details with you, and give you an accurate, competitive estimate for the full job.

Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance.

Expert And Professional

Our team has decades of combined experience providing roofing services in Gold Canyon. We know all the details for every type of shingle, angle, and seasonal impacts. Your roof will last a generation or longer, and you'll love how it looks!

The Ultimate in Convenience with On Demand Roof Repairs

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee means our job at your home or business is never complete until you are happy with the quality and performance of your roofing solution. Our customers have enjoyed their roof as long as over 30 years!

Gold Canyon

24/7 Emergency Available

We can appear at your home or facility on demand to return your spaces to normal as quickly as possible - usually in less than an hour. When you explain the issue, we'll make sure to bring everything we need to get the best job done quickly.

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Gold Canyon

On Demand Service

Broken Arrow offers same day onsite roof repair to serve the emergency needs of homeowners and company leaders in Gold Canyon along with our suite of installation and maintenance services.

Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance.

Customized Solutions

We can work directly with you to develop a roofing system designed specifically for your needs as a home or business and optimized for the warm Arizona climate.

The Ultimate in Convenience with On Demand Roof Repairs

Service Guarantee

When you turn to us with your roofing needs, our job is never complete until you are fully satisfied, and every installation, repair and maintenance operation carries our full backing.

Roof Repair for Houses and Businesses.

Expert Service

Our team of technicians has decades of combined experience in the roofing industry along with the equipment and expertise to answer your most difficult questions.

Gold Canyon

Fast and Efficient

Broken Arrow understands that your roof is one of the most important elements of your home or business, and our staff will always work to efficiently deliver the highest quality of service.

Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance.

Individualized Attention

At Broken Arrow our focus is always on tailoring our services to fit you. Whether you have a small family home or a large storage facility in Arizona, we can identify the perfect roofing options for you.

Roof Repair and Installation

Aligning with the most respected federation of architects, contractors and consultants in Arizona has empowered Broken Arrow to offer an array of roofing services to our local base of customers, including installation, repair, and maintenance as well as facility optimization. We adhere to all the strictest inspection and safety guidelines governing operations in Arizona in the process of completing some of the state’s most challenging structural projects.

Broken Arrow distinguishes itself from competitors in the area through a superior record of performance and reliability, and we offer a full material on labor and materials on every project entrusted to us. Our stated goal is to deliver the custom-tailored roofing solutions that our residential and commercial clients in Arizona and beyond have trusted for generations. We provide the highest calibre of service in every undertaking, and it is this dedication to excellence that drives our success.

Roof Installation

The Broken Arrow team recognizes that part of what we do is staying constantly up to date on all relevant zoning laws, homeowner’s association guidelines, building permit requirements and other protocol governing operations in our area of service in order to provide the absolute highest quality of service on every project turned over to our expertise, including shingle roof installation, tile roof installation and flat roof installation.

Our staff of experts takes pride in delivering comprehensive roofing solutions to residential and commercial clients in and around Arizona, arranging for all necessary permits as well as engineering full scale site preparation and clean up. Every project we handle is attended to by a team of highly trained and experienced contractors working with the shared goal of completing the job to your exact specifications.

Roof Maintenance

A lack of regular roof maintenance can mean that relatively minor issues develop into major problems over time. For this reason, Broken Arrow offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance services administered by our network of expert contractors, carried out at your convenience for minimum disturbance to your business and lifestyle.

Broken Arrow can work directly with you to develop a proactive schedule of preventive maintenance in order to ensure your home, business or facility is always functioning at the highest level. This is particularly important in the southwestern climate, where even a small compromise in the structure of a building can mean vastly increased cooling and energy costs.

The Broken Arrow team also offers reactive maintenance services to respond to minor issues with your roof such as routine repairs, gutter cleaning or component replacement as part of this scheduled maintenance program. Reactive maintenance is typically available on a 48 hour basis to our base of clients, and shorter timeframes may also be available depending on availability. Call today to learn more about scheduled maintenance services.

Commercial Roof Services

Broken Arrow specializes in commercial roofing services, including large-scale roofing, cladding and rainscreen systems to protect the utility and aesthetics of your facility. We have been servicing commercial properties in Arizona for decades, and are standing by to put our tools and techniques to work for you.

Every project placed in our hands receives our signature level of individualized attention, with our team of roofing and architecture professionals developing insightful solutions for retail, commercial, industrial and educational applications. We offer end to end project management services to give our clients peace of mind during the entire process, and our job is only done when all of your expectations are met.

Renovation Experts

Our extensive pool of knowledge means that we can offer specialized advice along with analytical surveys that can help bring project specifications and the budgetary requirements of our clients to an accessible meeting point.

We always offer honest independent assessments in all repair and renovation projects. Our lack of official manufacturer affiliation means we can help you navigate the full selection of options on the market, and our solutions are cost effective and performance optimized.

Broken Arrow understands that minimal disruption to your everyday routine is valuable, and so we always work to facilitate the highest possible level of access and safety while providing our renovation services. The end result is a new, watertight and secure solution that lasts for decades to come.

Solar Panel Installation

Broken Arrow is proud to help pursue the goal of establishing clean, renewable energy as the primary source of power in the United States and around the world. For this reason, we work with a trusted network of industry professionals to offer solar panel installation service along with our range of standard roofing and maintenance resources. We can develop a solution to offset or even eliminate your building’s reliance on fossil fuels, so call today to find out more.


Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance.

Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance.

We are the BEST choice for your
Gold Canyon Roofing Repairs.


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Information for Gold Canyon, Arizona

Gold Canyon EXPLORE THE HOME OF THE LEGENDARY LOST DUTCHMAN'S GOLD MINE, MAJOR GOLF TOURNAMENTS, THE ARIZONA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, AND FAMILIAR SCENES FROM WESTERN MOVIES. There's nothing like taking a bite out of an enormous turkey leg while strolling amid costumed revelers at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Enjoy the annual festival as well as golf, hiking, and other outdoor recreation in Gold Canyon. Gold Canyon, an unincorporated community about 45 minutes east of Phoenix, is known for its stunning views of the Superstition Mountains � legendary home of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine � and sprawling desert golf courses. The desert area in and around Gold Canyon boasts abundant wildlife such as Gambel's quail, roadrunners, cactus wrens, coyotes, javalina, and jackrabbits. Gold Canyon is close enough to enjoy big-city amenities, but far enough away for stargazing and convenient outdoor recreation. Rogers Canyon Trail is a popular hike in the area. The moderate nine-mile round-trip trek leads to Salado cave dwelling ruins. You'll need a high-clearance vehicle to reach the trailhead, but the effort is worth it. Here's a fun fact: The landscapes shown in the beginning of the 1986 film �Three Amigos! are from Gold Canyon, not Mexico. The mountain shown is part of the Superstition Mountains, viewed from Gold Canyon.

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Gold Canyon - Your Old Roof Needs Maintenance. Articles

Roof Disarray
Roof inspections focus not just on the quality of the work installed, but also on the complete roofing project. This means that inspectors not only review how well the roofing contractor installed the work, but they also look at how the other trades have treated the roof in progress or completed installation.

Consider the case of a condominium building in Florida. The roofing contractor was a reputable firm, known for quality work. The initial and midpoint inspections revealed a quality roof installation, with good workmanship, industry-standard terminations, and tight flashings.

During construction, however, the roof system cap sheet was unprotected and exposed to a multitude of staging equipment and debris by other subcontractor trades. Later inspections revealed that counter flashing and base flashing terminations had been damaged, and stucco residue had been left to harden on the field membrane. As a result of this extensive surface damage, the warranty was withheld until the roof surface was recoated as required by the manufacturer.

Because the roofing consultant kept inspection records throughout the building process, it was easy to see that damages were not due to negligence on the part of the roofing contractor. Instead, the general contractor back-charged the cost of cleaning the roof and repairing damages to the subcontractors. Once damages were repaired, the roof manufacturer was able to provide a warranty.
Preventive investment in the life of a roof happens in two primary areas: during the construction process of a new building, or as preventive maintenance for an existing roof. The goal of each is to extend the life or primary envelope function of the roof, but the different stages require two different types of oversight.
New Construction
Like any area of construction, from glazing to structural engineering, roofs require unique expertise to maximize their effectiveness. Having an expert involved during the building's design, all the way through construction, can ensure that the roof is designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled to provide the building and its contents with watertight protection.

The optimal time to get a roof expert involved in the construction of a building is during the design phase, while the architectural team is still working on its detailed plans. A pre-design meeting between the owner/developer, architect, and roofing expert can help highlight issues that architects may need to address in the design - especially issues that may be unique to a particular climate.

An architect designing in South Florida, for example, will need to plan for stronger attachment of all roof components due to calculated uplift pressure requirements outlined in hurricane-related building codes. In northern climates, though, considerations must be made for snow weight and removal, ice dams, and the expansion and contraction associated with building materials in extreme climates. In either situation, it can be helpful for an architect to have a roofing expert available to alert him/her to potential issues before they arise.

As the design progresses, the roofing consultant should review architectural drawings and CSI Division 7 specifications related to waterproofing and roofing. The goal here is twofold: to ensure that the architectural team designs and specifies a roofing system that will adequately protect the building, and to ensure that the drawings and specifications are detailed and accurate enough for the general contractor to obtain accurate bids from roofing subcontractors. Accurate and detailed drawings at this stage can prevent the necessity of time-consuming architectural drawing changes and costly rebids or bid-change orders later in the building process.

In general, the roof expert will be looking at the design drawings and specifications for things like:

Membrane components and flashing. Are the appropriate membrane and flashing specified for the design, and do they reflect the specifications manual?
Detailed method of attachment. How the roof is attached is a major factor in its longevity and effectiveness. Do the design drawings provide adequate details and specifications relating to the geographical location?
Product compatibility. Just like any construction application, some products work together; some don't. For example, most silicone sealants can't be painted, and spray foam and asphalt products never go together. The consultant will assess compatibilities. Will the specified roof-system products that intersect with other subcontractor products (e.g. a glass and glazing curtainwall) work together?
Sequencing of installation. Roofing layers must be applied in a certain order, depending on the system, to maximize effectiveness. Do designs call for the right sequence?
Overall layout. Certain areas of a roof, such as those where HVAC units are located, will have higher foot traffic and maintenance-activity requirements. This should be accounted for in the roof design, with traffic and protection pads to protect the roof membrane and waterproofing materials. Is there enough protection in the right places?

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